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NETGEAR WNDR4700 Media Storage Router Feature Review

The NETGEAR Media Storage Router combines the best-in-class N900 WiFi router with data and media storage functionality. Delivering 450 + 450 WiFi speed and ultimate range, it is the ideal backup and storage solution for devices like notebooks, iPads, tablets, smart phones, PCs, and Macs. Easily connect these devices, store and backup your media, and share it across all Internet enabled devices with incredible speed.

NETGEAR Unveils Smart Network Cloud Application Platform For Its Consumer Products

Aaahhh... CES. The mecca of gadget geeks, networking aficionados and technology freaks worldwide. Every year, NETGEAR announces exciting new products in the networking field, and 2012 is no exception.

This time, though, it's a bit bigger than a new router or extender--it's a promising new ecosystem of cloud applications called the "Smart Network."

NETGEAR WNDR4500 (N900) Wireless-N Dual Band Router Review

Are you the type that always goes for the best? The hypothetical GT Turbo, all chromed out model of virtually any product you buy, because nothing less will do? Then the WNDR4500 is probably a good choice, being that it's being heralded as one of the fastest consumer routers available. Indeed, Maximum PC declares it "the fastest router we've ever tested."

Netgear wg602v4 bricked

Hi all,

I bricked my wonderfull wg602v4.

I upload wrong firmware. I tried with tftp, reset 30 30 30 .. it give me address and can't find the address with freescan ip ...

I think that is possible to unbrick using the serial or jtag port.

how i can find that?

 here a pic for investigation:


Upgrading from a Wireless-G Network Adapter to a Wireless-N Network Adapter.

I want to upgrade our Wireless-G USB Network Adapter to a Wireless-N USB Network Adapter. I currently use a Wireless-G Broadband Router and this new adapter will be used for our Quad-Core Gaming Desktop Computer to access the internet and to upload HD Music Videos. Would the new adapter work with our broadband router? I want an honest opinion before I purchase it, so I can make a wise decision. Thanks.

Netgear WN111 USB Driver

I purchased a Netgear WN111 USB Adapter,but it did not come with the installation CD.Is it still possible to get this item to work without the CD or what is there to do? I don't wanna go thru the process of waiting for a replacement.Is there away to install it without the CD? Please,if you know,tell me how to do this.Email me at [email protected],I need an answer ASAP.

Community Poll: Are you interested in the NETGEAR WNDR4500?


Hi all, 

I'm a new user, and I'm interested in WNDR4500 router .

Is there open software for this router now or in a future?

Someone have tested this router?


Thank you in advanced

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NETGEAR WN3000RP Wireless Extender Review: Perfect for iPad, iPhone, and Mobile Devices

We all know how frustrating it is to run out of signal with your wireless devices--this becomes especially important if you have a large home, or if you have a need to extend coverage into your yard, shed, outbuilding, barn, etc. Rather than having to set up a network of repeaters or confusing wired setups, the WN3000RP from NETGEAR aims to make it easy to extend your wireless Internet coverage--but does it really work?