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Download Vlc Player !!!

Hey everyone,

I'm having a lot of problems with vlc lately. I downloaded the latest version at the vlc player download page but for some reason  it keeps crashing all the time. I had the same issues before but they usually went away after reinstallation. So every time I try to open a video with VLC it crashes :Here's the link to vlc player download page if somebody doesn't know what it is.

Thanks to all in advance !!!



Vlc Player Download

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WNR 3500L with another router in the same subnet not possible?

Hi there!

I'm quite new to networking and I don't really want to get too involved with all this technical stuff - I only want this to work but with my lack of technical understanding that's quite hard :(

Here's my Problem:

I've got an internet router which works just fine. Now, I wanted to add a wireless network to the one I already have. At first, all appeared to work well with the WNR 3500l I bought: I connected the internet port with a LAN port from my other router ét voilá: Internet worked.

NETGEAR GS605AV Home Theater and Gaming Network Switch

These days with all the networked devices in the home you can run out of the standard 4-5 LAN ports available on most routers.  I found myself in this situation with my WNR3500L.  Here, I had a 1.0 Gbps capable router and more devices to connect to it than it had ports!

OpenWRT for NETGEAR WNDR3700: A How-To Guide

Did you know that you can build and install OpenWRT on your WNDR3700? If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty building the firmware from scratch, then this tutorial is for you.


The wiki contains instructions to prepare your OS for building OpenWRT from scratch, installing it on your router, and even a cable-free debricking guide for the WNDR3700.

Please post and let us know if you have tried this!

dd wrt..... problem with my ntfs hard drive.

DD wrt cant recognize my hard drive its 100gb and its ntfs any ideas what i can do  i dont want to return to my factory soft so pls help.

Disk Info

problem with range....

i have netgear 3500l and i have one huge problem

when i go to my other room my signal is only 1 bar :(

i tried to change mw to 200 but still same signal :(

i use b/g because i use my iphone and samsung pixon for wifi on my other room to check my emails etc.

any ideas how i can improve my signal my router pass between 2 walls and my bathroom i live in flat with beton+metal walls :(

i wait for your suggestions......

may be i must make some kind of antena or something ?

How i can improve my network coverage......

I bought 3500L because on this ad router have 8 antennas here is the ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFqFznVSBjY  .......... so now on their site i can find 3 only?!

And my coverage is not improved any ideas how i can extend my range?

i live in small flat but i have lots of walls so when i go to bed my network coverage is extremely poor......so signal pass 1 wall + all my bath + another wall to reach me .

Netgear WN111v2 drivers not found anywhere!!!

HELP I am looking for the drivers for a netgear wn111v2 that is for my laptop using XP