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I am looking for a router that provides content filtering by category. I have seen very expensive routers that do this, but I am on a budget and would like to keep the cost under $100. 

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NETGEAR HD Powerline Adapters General Availability Announced

Today, NETGEAR announced the wide, general availability of its HD Powerline networking solutions, consisting of either the Powerline HD Plus adapter kit (HDXB111) or the Powerline AV Enternet Adapter kit (XAVB101).

WGR614L in India


I wanted to buy wgr614L in India. But I could not get it from any reseller. I talked to Netgear office in India but they could not help me in getting the product.

Is the product available  in India for sell? If yes where I can buy it.

I am clueless whether it was/will be launched in India.

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Netgear CG814GCMR Wireless cable modem gateway

I everyone, not sure if I'm posting in the right place. I just got this modem from the cable company (Charter) today, and I want to load the DDWRT firmware to it. I'm having trouble finding it listed anywhere other than on the netgear website. Does anyone know if I can put an open source firmware on it?


WGR614L in India


I wanted to buy the WGR614L in India. But no reseller has this product. Talking to Netgear office did not help me in getting the device. The product is mentioned on netgear's india site(http://netgear.co.in/Products/RoutersandGateways/GWirelessRouters/WGR614L.aspx?detail=Specifications)

Can somebody tell me where I can buy it India?



Overview of NETGEAR DG834 ADSL Modem/Router/Switch

The NETGEAR DS834 is a super-versatile and flexible router that contains four networking solutions into one nice, functional package.  No need for a separate modem – it connects directly into your ADSL line. Built-in Port Forwarding settings, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through make it simple to play Internet games, send instant messages, and host Internet services. The user interface matches your local language (English, French, German or Italian). Works with PCs, Macintosh,® and virtually all Ethernet devices, and comes with an Ethernet cable for connecting your first computer. 

XAVB101 Powerline AV Adapter Kit From NETGEAR: Review and Unboxing

Maybe you have a really large home.  Or, it could be that you need a high-speed, hard-wired connection for your video streaming devices.  It could even be because your laptop doesn't have a Wi-Fi connection.

One way or another, there's too many reasons to list why you might consider picking up a Powerline AV Adapter kit.  The XAVB101 Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit from NETGEAR, which contains two XAV101 units, can help solve many of your networking issues.

I can sum up the Powerline kit in two words: simple and effective.

Overview of NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router

Have you been looking to speed up your Wireless-G network?  The NETGEAR WGT624 delivers network performance beyond what you're used to - with up to twice the speed and four times the range of your standard 802.11g connection.

You'll also be kept safe with double firewall protection!

Features of the NETGEAR WGT624

WNHDEB111 Wireless-N Networking Kit by NETGEAR - Review and Unboxing

Recently, myself and Matt Whitlock, from TechLore.com, were able to test out the new WNHDEB111 Wireless-N Networking Kit (or "bridge" as some call it) from NETGEAR. Historically, my experiences with networking have usually been rife with stress and difficulties in getting everything to sync up and work properly.

NETGEAR's Lineup of Wireless-N Routers

Has your home network been falling a little short lately? Been feeling the "need for speed" when playing your online games, streaming HD video, or making Internet phone calls?

If so, you'll want to try one of NETGEAR's next-generation Wireless-N routers. These routers are designed to give you the best in network performance and range, by utilizing the features of the new Wireless-N standard. Click here to learn more about Wireless-N and how it can benefit you!