Voxel's Custom R7800v1 Firmware Updated to

Developer Voxel is new on the MyOpenRouter scene, and was determined to find a way for advanced users to get the most from their R7500v1 and R7800v1 NETGEAR routers. These custom firmwares, made by Voxel especially for these devices, leverages Entware-ng to unlock more power and features from these routers. Voxel cites improvements in OpenVPN speeds, improvements of SAMBA file transfer and FTP server speeds, the ability to set up your own web server on Entware-ng, and even set up your own Tor/Privoxy!

If you are an advanced user or a developer who wants to try Voxel's optimized firmwares, head over to the R7500v1 download page or the R7800 download page to get started.

Reading Voxel's README is highly recommended; many details have been
included there to help you get started with these packages. Support
files are available via each individual download link as well.

Download the new version of Voxel's R7800v1 firmware here.

Changelog for

1. Integration with stock
From Netgear notes to
New Features and Enhancements:
* Opens the DFS channel for Japan.
* Supports the access control feature when the router operates in AP mode.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixes the issue in which the IPV6 SPI-filter doesn't work when IPv6 use same PPPoE session as IPv4.
* Fixed some minor bugs.
Additional changes (found during my integration):
* ReadyCLOUD version is upgraded.
* Qualcomm drivers (firmware) are upgraded (5GHz).
* GPIO driver is changed (kernel level).
* Kernel signal scheme (interaction with Busybox) is added.
* WebGUI is optimized a bit.
* Netgear Downloader is optimized a bit.
2. ethtool version is upgraded 3.4.1->4.8.
3. e2fsprogs versinon is upgraded 1.43.1->1.43.3.
4. Changes several scripts to use direct path to firmware /bin/opkg (to avoid conflicts with opkg from Entware).
5. Bug with HiLink modem mode switch is correctd (tested by Vladlenas with Huawei E3372 HiLink modem, thanks to him).
6. Few minor bugs are fixed.


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ssh not working( permission

ssh not working( permission denied(

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New official fw from Netgear

New official fw from Netgear is out:

Download at http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/R7800/R7800_V1.0.2.28.zip

Release notes at http://kb.netgear.com/000037848/R7800-Firmware-Version-1-0-2-28 (link is wrong in this page use above to dowload)