XWRT-VORTEX version 384.10_2 for the R7000

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Asuswrt-Merlin 384/NG Changelog

384.10_2 (3-Apr-2019)
- CHANGED: Increased OpenVPN interface queue length from 100
to 1000 bytes, to reduce the amount of dropped
packets if router can't keep up.
- CHANGED: Updated CA bundle to January 23rd version
- FIXED: Moviestar VLAN routes weren't properly configured
(broken quagga configuration)
- FIXED: Layout issues on the Wireless Log page for some
- FIXED: Missing tooltip content for the new local DNS
resolution setting on the Tweak page
- FIXED: FAQ URL on Bandwidth Monitor points to a non-existing
page on Asus's servers (point to old page for now)
- FIXED: OpenVPN CA would be overwritten if there was no
server key or cert present - only generate them
if all three are missing.
- FIXED: Bandwidth Limiter not working properly in some
cases, as it failed to disable hardware acceleration

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