extender or repeater mode

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extender or repeater mode


I wanted to use my R6400 as an extender.

I read that the only way to do that was with dd-wrt.

I flashed it, the router rebooted, I see the software, but I do not see extender listed anywhere in any tab.

was I duped into believing this would make a router that does not normally extend into an extender?

i don't like to be duped.. wasted time I think.

Please advise.

Thank you,


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I have the same question. I'm

I have the same question. I'm hoping that dd-wrt will allow the R6400v1 to be configured as a repeater. But I'm thinking it may be a function of the Broadcom BCM4708A0 chip that's in the router. If anyone has a definate answer, please post. 

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There are instructions to do

There are instructions to do this in the DD-WRT Wiki. It is a function of the firmware not the hardware,

Quick google search turned up many step by step instructions, here is one link,there are many others.


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did you use any of the

did you use any of the instructions for repeater or client bridge?

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Thanks mrdon213. I'll load

Thanks mrdon213. I'll load Kong on it and let everyone know if it gives me the ability to configure it as a repeater.