R6300v2/R6300v2 Open Source Firmware

ac 1450 confusion

I recently bought a Netgear AC1450 and want to upgrade it to have vpn support. I am still a little confused after reading for hours. I downloaded dd-wrt.K3_AC1450.chk but from what I understand that's just the initial flash I need that's specific to my router. What is the other flash that I need. If you can be as specific as possible. I have used dd-wrt for years so I am familar with the procedure but just unsure of the flash I need and don't want to brick my router. Thanks in advance.

Recommendation of DD-WRT for AC1450/R6300v2?

I bought a Netgear AC1450 and upgraded to R6300v2.  It has better coverage than my old linksys E3000.  However, it does not support DDNS servers other than no-ip and dyndns.  I would like to upgrade to DDWRT but have a couple of questions.

1.  What is the most stable DD-WRT version with best coverage?

2.  Since I have already upgraded to R6300v2, do I need to change the board id to AC1450 and flash DDWRT or I can directly go to DDWRT from R6300 board id?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Latest Netgear R6300v1 firmware from Kong

Hello all,Can someone please provide a link to the latest Netgear R6300v1 kong release or a link to the latest release from whoever.

Can't change/save any values...

I loaded up ddwrt_r6300v2_nov2014. Looks like it loaded in OK... I have inet access.  When I try to edit/change any values, however, I'm getting error responses, and the attempted edits are not taking, they're not successful.  For instance, if I try to change the time zone under Setup/BasicSetUp... if I hit the "Apply" button, I first get the hourhand wait icon with the message "Processing Please Wait", then I get a blank page with an error reported "The connection was reset; the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading".

Firmware upload confusion

I own a Netgear 6300 I believe V1 and I succesfully did an upgrade to a Kong Build.  It took a couple of days to "MANUP" and take the risk but all went well.  Thanks to the precise info on this board it was not as hard as i imagined.  Any way figured I start started out with the R6300 initial flash that was listed then go with what i think is the latest build on the top of the list called dd-wrt for R6300 dated 11/03/14. the file i used was


After Flashing that build i crossed my fingers and everything looks fine. 

Router restarts when downloading big files

I have the R6300v1 router with Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/27/14) giga.

My problem is that when I want to download a big file (video, ISO, etc.) the router restarts.  This doesn't happen with the stock netgear software on it.  Only with DD-WRT.


Is anybody having the same issues?   If so, how to fix?





Apply Firmware over Stock?

I spent a couple of days digging through the reams of FAQs and stickies over on the DD-WRT.com site which explained (theoretically) what I was/wasn't supposed to do.  They confused the heck out of me, so I gave up.  Then, I found this site and see DD-WRT firmware for my Netgear R6300 v1:


R6300 v1 DD-WRT with Guest Network

Looking to install DD-WRT on my v1 R6300. Two questions.

Is there a recommended version to install?

Also, does DD-WRT support Guest Networks, or will I lose that?

Kong Ceasing Development

Two networks with two routers.

I am using a D-Link DSL-502T as a modem which is set to bridging but has a DHCP server providing 10.0.0.x ip addresses.

This connects to the Internet port on a Netgear R6300v2 in which the ISP logon processes are carried out. It also has a DHCP server running giving ip addresses in the 192.168.1.xx subnet.

I now want to provide VPN (or whatever for my smart TV sets which are wirelessly connected to the R6300. What I am planning on doing is to use a Cisco WRT54G v1.1 which is installed with DD-WRT v23SP1 Final (05/16/06)std.