R6300v2/R6300v2 Open Source Firmware


Are these devices vulnerable to the recent Heartbleed bug? If so, will here be a patch or an updated version with the fix applied?


Where is the initial flash for R6300v2

Where is the initial flash for the R6300v2? I've checked at the hyperlink below but nothing stands out as the initial firmware for the R6300v2.  Could it be the beta?





netgear r6300 v2

Hey Guys

You probably been ask this question a thousand times but can somebody pls explain how to install the chk file downloaded from here on my router netgear 6300v2 or am i missing a additional software ? . ive accessed my router ,clicked on upgrade firmware, selected file but then loads for 2 secs and disconnects. should it not be a bin file ? Been on DD-WRT web page which does not listed as a compatable device .If someone will be kind enough to send me a IDIOTS guide step by step i will be forever grateful.




Wireless Connection Rates Lower Than Expected

I'm about as new as it gets to DD-WRT. I bought an R6300v2 because I was tired of .11g speeds and this one is supposed to provide better coverage as well. The stock firmware was ok for me but whenever I opened BitComet the router would feak out and reboot. I put King's 23430M firmware on it and now it doesn't reboot.

Netgear R6300 Problem

Hello there. I apologize first for the bad English. Yesterday had ever posted something. But is any away. Have the following question. Possession of a netgear 6300th

Can the Netgear logo re-enable so that it lights up. Then keys nor to the two wlan. They are without function. Where can I enable this.




USB hdd wake up


First of all, I've been testing Kong K3 mod (last build: 23040) with R6300 and globally it works greats. Thanks Kong for this great job.

I've got an issue with my samba and dlna shares that disapear after a while when, I think, my USB WD drives goe to sleep... The shares never go back when I try to access the HDDs through the network.

Netgear R600 - help



I have a Netgear r6300 v1.  I have managed to install DDT-WRT v24-sp2 (10/18/12) mega on to it.


I want to upgrade to a firmware which utilises Openvpn.  but everytim I try to upgrade, i get an upgrade failed message.


I cant understand what I am doing wrong.  


I am trying to install dd-wrt.v24-21676_NEWD-2K3.x_mega-R6300.bin.



Any help would be really gratefully received.





Netgear R6300

Which version of the Netgear R6300 is compatable with Kingkong DD-WRT?

FTP error when >1 users

Router: R6300
Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (09/27/13) kongac

FTP is ok and works well with several USB drives and several shares and one user.

However when I add a second user, I cannot even connect to the server. ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server.

Is there a bug in the Webinterface or is there some option I have overseen?

R6300 --> DD-WRT / OpenVPN

Hey everyone-  I'm interested in flashing dd-wrt onto my Netgear R6300.  I currently have an Asus RT-N66U running tomatousb with vpn tunneling to pia but want to move to this R6300 and do the same through dd-wrt / with openvpn if possible.  The main question I have is- have there been any updates to the process since Paul posted up his article as to how to do that?  His article is dated Mar 6, 2013, and I noticed that there are some more recent dd-wrt versions released by Kong that would otherwise appear to be appropriate but I'm wondering if anyone has tried them and if yes, what tw