WN Series Open Source Firmware

Netgear WGR614L wireless router



I have heard about new  Netgear WGR614L router. Is there anybody who has experience in working with that particular router? Is it compatible with WRT54GL?

Information needed - WGR614L router


I am new to Netgear WGR614L router. Could anybody tell me about Flash & NVRAM of this router?

Possible use for WGR614L

Is it possible to modifiy the "netgear orig" code so the rather than block selective sites only allow access to selected site???

WGR614L vs KWGR614 vs WGR614?

What's the differences between the WGR614L, the KWGR614, and the off the shelf WGR614 which is currently at v9 hardware revision level?  The model numbers are sufficiently similar that I suspect that the hardware may be similar or identical?

 Also, the Open Source document for the KWGR614 requires the installation of a 4 ping JTAG header and RS-232 interface circuitry.  Will this also be necessary in the WGR614L?

Sveasoft on WGR614L?

Has anyone ran, or planning to run, the Sveasoft router software?  The upcoming WGR614L supports it - it's just that I haven't heard much about it.

Who out there has used the Sveasoft firmware?  Do you like it?