R7000 Open Source Firmware

Any Advice for Informed but First Time Users

Hello fellow R7000 Users,

Cannot Download 23430 from link

Everytime I try to download the 23430 King build for my R7000 from the "Download Now!" link using IE11, I'm not prompted to save the file and IE attempts to open the page, resulting in a bunch of crazy characters.  How do I download it?


Mac OS X Extended (HFS+) not supported?

I read the Wiki HFS Plus is supported but the router something else. I'm confused. Someone can explain to me why not anymore?


File System:

hfs.o (Apple HFS file system support)
hfsplus.o (Apple HFS+ (Extended HFS) file system support)
nfs.o (NFS file system support w/ NFSv3 client support)
nfsd.o (NFS server support w/ NFSv3 client support)
ntfs.o (NTFS file system support w/ NTFS write support) 


Any way to do this?

I bought this router to share my Sprints Galaxy S3 hotspot. I live out in the woods and have not other choice for internet. I would like to share it throughout the house.

I have to leave my phone in a cradle to boost my signal and that means if I want to do anything online, it has to be in my office or go without. I would like more freedom. Thanks

Build 23350 15. Jan 2014.

These are the features I have tested and are using

Vlans working

QOS working

Wireless 2.4 will work at full speeds only if Beamforming is disabled, if enabled the speed is limited to 2 – 2.5mbps

WDS is working when linked with a Linksys E900

Keep Alive - Schedule Reboot working

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) working

USB Support on both ports working (had to reboot router) testing the read right speeds

AFP Share, Monitor Internet Traffic & QoS


I was not sure to switch to this DD-WRT firmware for my router. Not so bad so far. I have a few questions (probably for Kong). I'm new but I'm a power user. I just need to guided to start with this new versatile firmware.

I need 3 features and I hope it will be possible now or in a near future. :D

1. After I read so many thing, I'm so confuse. The AFP support how can I simply enable it? I switch to this firmware by hoping to see a stable support. I want to use my router to do Time Machine backup and I need AFP.

Samba on R7000 Kong build 23350

Has anyone been able to get a Samba share working on this build?  I am certain I have it set up correctly, however when I try to access \\Dd-wrt\ on my Windows machine it will not connect.  

Nighthawk VPN connected to Netgear SRXN3205

I have a SRXN3205 at work and I'm trying to setup a static VPN connection to my home for various reasons. Will the nighthawk act as a VPN client so I can connect into the SRX? Or does it only operate as a server/daemon? Can't seem to find this info anywhere. I know I can connect SRXs to each other along with some other business type ProSafe routers, but I'm trying to do it with a beefier home router at home.

Vlan support

Vlan support

Is there any way or commands to allow access from vlan 2 to vlan 3 but block access from vlan 3 to vlan 3.

I am running R7000 Nighthawk Router with the latest firmware (jan-09-2014).

I have successfully separated the 2 sets of vlans, Vlan 2 and Vlan 3.

R7000 Firmware Tech/Beta?

Does anyone have beta/tech release firmware the R7000. I'm having wireless disconnects and performace degration issuse.


Thank you Cool