R7000 Open Source Firmware

R7000 - AP mode client isolation

WIth Kong's firmware, or straight DDWRT, is it possible to have client isolation (no LAN access) while still allowing Internet access?  In AP mode, not router mode?

Stock R7000 Firmware OpenVPN + Android

To start things off, I'll be clear that I've seen the "Android and iOS clients not supported message"

However, that said, has anyone had any luck getting at least the Android OpenVPN client working with stock firmware?? Part of me is thinking a switch to DD-WRT is necessary...

QOS information?

Hi all,

I have only had this router for a few days, I first tried out the Netgear firmware but at the moment for me there QOS system seems to cause some problems so I thought that I would try a Kong build of DD-WRT.

I am interested in QOS, I have quite a fast internet connection at 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up but I would like to make sure that the following devices in the house have enough available bandwidth to stream internet video whilst other tasks are going on.

Unable to display page when tempting to flash Kong

Hi gents, I have recently attempted to flash the kong dd-wrt firmware and upon doing so I immediately get unable to display the webpage after flashing the initial .chk file.  Any idea why?

Problem with build r23350 Netgear R7000

Problem with build r23350 Netgear R7000

Router is rebooting.

I made a change to my network and the router started rebooting

I am running 2 Vlans with no problems with the router or the builds until now.

R7000 League of Legends

I've had this router for the past 2 or 3 weeks or so. but for the love of me wifi 2.4ghz and 5ghz connections are getting packet loss ONLY when playing league of legends. there are plenty of people that have been complaining about this on the LoL website. no idea whats going on or whats causing it. and i've tried every firmware even the beta stock netgear ones. if i didnt know any better its something in the way the software handles upstream data. i can get speedtests all day long. but right when my game starts to lag out i can still access the internet.

Max Throughput


I am looking forward to install DD_WRT on my R7000.

Currently I have internet speed of 300M/300M and would be upgrading soon to 500M/500M or 1G/500M.

If I use DD_WRT, would I still get my Max Internet Speed?

Crashing every few hours

I posted this in the discussion for the latest build, 23430, but thought I might have a better chance of a response in the main forums. So I apologize for a double post.


I've been having an issue where my router (using the latest build of dd-wrt) will crash and restart every few hours. This is the 2nd router that has had the issue (I returned the previous one yesterday for a new one thinking it was a hardware issu), so I believe it is firmware related. 

Nighthawk [DD-WRT (Kong)] OpenVPN Client (PIA)

I am running an OpenVPN client connection on the R7000 flashed with build 23490. I am connecting to PrivateInternetAccess (PIA). This has worked fine for about 6 months before on two other routers, namely an older Linksys E3000 and an Asus RT-N66U, both flashed with Tomato (Shibby).

Wireless Connection Rates Lower Than Expected

I'm about as new as it gets to DD-WRT. I bought a Netgear because I was tired of .11g speeds and this one is supposed to provide better coverage as well. The stock firmware was ok for me but whenever I opened BitComet the router would feak out and reboot. I put King's 23430M firmware on it and now it doesn't reboot.