R7000 Open Source Firmware

Port forwarding to Vlans?

Hi guys

I have a question about Port forwarding.

I want to setup Port forwarding to Vlans

My scenario


Netgear R7000 Router Kong DDWRT r23770

I have successfully setup the following


Vlan (1) and Vlan (2), Vlan 2 cannot access anything on Vlan 1.

USB HD mounted but not seen in File Sharing Path

Current Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (03/23/14) kongac

I have a Seagate Backup Plus 3TB HD. I see the following in disk info: 


--- /dev/sdb
Block device, size 2.729 TiB (3000592977920 bytes)
DOS/MBR partition map
Partition 1: 349.3 GiB (375072489472 bytes, 732563456 sectors from 2048)
Type 0x07 (NTFS/HPFS)
/dev/sdb not mounted Unsupported Filesystem

Build 23770 R01 - Issues?

Hi All,

I tried upgrading to Build 23770 R01 OLD tonight, but had major issues after upgrading from 23770 NEW.  I then did a factory reset, and everything worked great -- I did get faster speeds 23770.

I then started adding my settings back in, and after adding in 18 static leases, and applying the settings, the issues started again.  The speed is extremely slow, and most of my devices cannot grab an IP.  This happens with wired and wireless.


Hi Kong / community! 

Just purchased the R7000.  Previously ran an older Linksys WRT54G v4, with DD-WRT.  What a nice upgrade, this thing is fast!  I have configured 5GHZ, N clients are connecting at 300Mbps, things are looking pretty good. 

Netgear Nighthawk router (R7000) DD-wrt for class B

I have a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wifi Router (R7000) routing traffic for a approx. 30 Ubiquiti AP-LR access points.

R7000 with 23770 Kong

So I've noticed an issue where my router, even with NTP configured, can't keep the correct date & time.  I'll manually set it through the command line, then a reboot later and it thinks it's 1/1/70.


Is this a known issue?  Will NTP eventually correct it after a specified period of time?

WPS Button

Am curious:  I'm not an expert with DD-WRT, I just prefer it.  It is so much nicer than stock on most any router I have ran.  And, thanks to Kong, the R7000 is no different.

But, we do have a printer here that likes to use WPS to setup it's connection to the network; does WPS work on DD-WRT?

Router Wifi Lights

I just installed Kong's DD-WRT firmware installed on my Nighthawk & love it.  So much better than the Netgear stock firmware.  I do have an issue or question through.  The 2.4GHz & 5Ghz Wifi LED lights no longer flash when there is activitiy on the Wifi bands as they should.  Is this a bug in the firmware or is there an option somewhere to turn it on?  I have searched through all the menu options & don't see an option anywhere.

QOS quality of service - 'Service Priority' fields empty ?

I am trying to setup QOS for multiple xbox's in my home.

I read that the best option is to enable UPnP , assign manual IP to each XBOX and enable QOS by adding a Service Priority for xbox live port 3074 ?

When i goto the router interface i can select from the pull-down list of "Service Priority" entries, but they are all empty ?

i.e. the xboxlive entry shows as"xboxlive 0 - 0" , does that mean port 0 to 0 , or in other words, un-defined?

Can't access attached access points and bridges

I have an R7000 as my main router with latest stock firmware, IP, netmask  My DHCP pool starts at  I have a Cisco E3000 with DD-WRT configured as a wireless client bridge on the 5ghz side set to IP address  I have a Belkin N900 router set as a wireless access point (wired LAN to WAN