R7000 Open Source Firmware

Latest R7000 firmware 24500M - LED issues

Does anyone have the USB LEDs constantly working even though you have nothing connected on the USB ports? 

firmware is from http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/24500M/

New to R7000 DD-WRT - Need help

Hi all,


After reading all there's to read about DD-WRT and the R7000, I'm still unsure on how to configure it.


Can someone please assist me by remoting or chatting online and explaing what do I need to do with setting up the router with all it's various settings?




guest network under tomato

I have some ip cameras connected to my network by wireless (R7000 router). These devices may have some security issues. I thought of connecting to them via a guest network (which would restrict them from seeing the network). However, under Genie devices on the guest network are not visible from inside the network.


Tomato by Shibby v 121 is available for r7000

The link to the firmware is at http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K26ARM/121/tomato-R7000-ARM--121-AIO-64K...

Follow the instructions at http://www.myopenrouter.com/download/56537/Tomato-by-Shibby-for-NETGEAR-... but use the firmware file above if you want.  I followed the video at http://tomato.groov.pl/?p=614 exactly and everything flashed smoothly.


I install dd-wrt and enabeld minidlna..I cant see my folders on my samsun tv.. Tomato with 3500 worked fine could i be missing a setting

24500M with latest drivers download?

Torrent services successfully blocked

Torrent services successfully blocked

Finally got it to work

Just wanted to share my experience of being able to block torrent services on my guest network

I have set it by MAC address but you can use IP ranges or a specific IP combined with Static Leases on the Services tab if you so wish.

Kong 24500M R7000 Constant Reboots

Since updating to 24500M on my R7000 I've had constant spontaneous crashes on my router.

Runs fine for a few hours and then for no reason that I can put my finger on it just suddenly reboots.

Seems to happen whilst streaming a movie or just web browsing.  Nothing in particular that I could point to as being the cause.

Kong 24500 external USB HDD causes router crash

Just updated to build 24500 today and noticed that when copying file to my external HDD attached to the front USB 3.0 port of the R7000 that the router spontaneously reboots after the first few seconds of the file transfer.

Bandwidth monitor per mac address (R7000+) [and more]

I'm currently running the Netgear R7000 on netgear's default firmware (Tried DD-WRT for a while, was too buggy on the