R7000 Open Source Firmware

PPTP VPN problems......

I cannot connect to my work VPN server using the PPTP connection type in WAN settings - I have the following information on my VPN server:

IP Address, username, password, DNS server, gatway

I can successfully connect on my iPhone using the built in VPN clent - simply enter the IP address, login details and it works! Why can't dd-wrt do the same. I have followed instructions on forums etc but it does not seem to work. My setup is: 

DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/06/14) kongac 
(SVN revision 24200M) 

Wich versions to install? and how do I see version of my R7000?



Have had my R7000 in a month now, and are thinking of going to DD-WRT.

When I go to the download page, there are different versions of the firmware, and two source codes? Or?

Wich version is recommended of those two source codes of each, or is Kong a firmware, or a source code? Not obvious.

Netgear R7000 VPN is not Assigning IPv4 address to Open VPN Client

I am new to Open VPN Configuration on Netgear R7000. I have followed all the neccessary steps to connect. My TAP Windows Adapter is connected anyway but it gives an Auto Configuration IP Address of and a subnet mask of

Route Bittorrent traffic through vpn tunnel

I've recently installed kong's build 24865M with transmission on my Netgear R7000.

I'm trying to figure out if there is a simple way of forcing transmission to operate on the OpenVPN client tunnel I have setup in DD-WRT.

Speedtest results seem strange

Just got this R7000 and hooked it up a few days ago. My old router was the workhorse Linksys 54G.... had many years and just noticed this year some slow times when video, web, phone all converged. It was never really slow.

to Developers of DD-WRT

i may ask you, if its a big thing to add an small email client to the Firmware?

i like to use Email instead of DDNS with sending an email to predefined account with a

template like this:

your external IP was changed, now you can acces your files unter:

It would be great to add this function.

(all my ddns accounts expire after 30 days if i had forget to login in to webinterface on the provider site. :()


R7000 Upnp does it work?

I have installed the Kong build 2800 (meanwhile 2850) on my R7000 and i have activated

Upnp, but it doesn't show me any connections forwarded.

I can see my router under network places as a upnp device.....

Under Administration / active connections i see my app to connect with the required port,

Help with VLANs - Configuration via TELNET/SSH

Hello, everybody.

Access Restrictions not working on build 24710M

Hi all,

Need some help again. I'm using Kong's build 24710M, trying to set up a rule to block certain website from a specific device.

I entered the URL in the Website Blocking by URL Address section, such as youtube.com, m.youtube.com, https://www.youtube.com and entered the target device's mac address (also tried IP), but the device can still visit the urls.

I'd also tried blocking by keyword, such as video and youtube, but the device can also access the url.


Kong DD-WRT 24710M: can't upgrade or install different firmware

I took my R7000 from stock firmware to the 07/24/14 (24710M) build of Kong's DD-WRT. It seems like this release has a bug in it, because it's seemingly not possible to upgrade or install different firmware.