R7000 Open Source Firmware

Constant reboot with WAN PPPoE

Since I had changed my internet service from cable to FTTN, so I changed my WAN from DHCP to PPPoE on my R7000. I have had constant reboot which is around once per day.

R7000 can't get back to stock FW

I've flashed the latest kong release ((07/24/14) kongac) to my Netgear Nighthawk R7000. but I would like to get back to stock firmware. But every firmware I now try to flash results in 'upgrade failed'. 

Questions on how to set up an external USB 3.0 hdd as a sharedrive on Kong's 24710M build

Hi all,

I'd posted this in one of the hot topic threads, but I thought it maybe easier to start a new thread. So here it is.

Murmur Chat Server on R7000?

I'm trying to decomission an old machine and replace it with murmur on my R7000.  

Version 24710M Instantly Reboots

Yesterday I tried to upgrade to the latest Kong's version 24710M. It took 4 attempts before the upgrade succeeded (after successful uploading and reboot router still remained with the previous version). After finally, upgrade succeeded and new version reported, R7000 entered into the endless loop of rebooting.

[solved]Crosscompile for R7000

Please Help me Crosscompiling own Programms for the Netgear R7000.

I am using Kong Mod SVN revision 24500M. After hours of searching the Web

I figured out that the only toolchain that works is toolchain-arm_cortex-a9_gcc-4.9-linaro_musl-1.1.2_eabi from the ddwrt toolchain tar Archiv.

DD-Wrt Firewall and Open VPN Blocking Ooma

I am using a netgear R7000 nighthawk with flashed ddwrt firmware (kong). 
I am running through vypr vpn with open vpn protocol. 

New R7000.. getting ready to flash

Good morning.


I have a new Netgear R7000.  It hasn't been opened or used yet.  I plan on flashing it with either Tomato or DD-WRT before putting it into service.  Before I do, to help the process go as smoothly as possible, I have a couple of questions:

Netgear R7000 DD-WRT kongac 24680 - paired with Intel AC7260 slow LAN transfer rate

I've had Netgear R7000 with Kong's DD-WRT 24680M for a week now paired with Intel AC 7260 and i must say it's been a headache to make this pair to work flawlessly. 

Can't upload new firmware

Brand new R7000 out of the box. Log-in to it and try to upload the dd-wrt firmware.  The status screen says it's uploading and the progress bar move accross the screen, but it never completes. After waiting 10+ minutes it still has the same status.