R7000 Open Source Firmware

Building stock firmware from Netgear for R7000.

Has anyone been able to successfully build any of the stock firmwares from Netgear for the R7000 using the source code and build instructions from Netgear?

BT, MICRO or STD firmware?

I just got the latest Kong 25015M. I noticed that NEWD etc are not there anymore.

So which one of the new ones to use? STD?

SORRY! but so what to Hell!?

.....do 2 IP's with same MAC Adress in my ARP Table?


i have R7000 with last FW 25015M,

now a had tweaked my ARP cache time (in W7) for longer live,

900000ms instead 300000ms and i have many stutterers in my network after research

Latest stable version of Kong Firmware for R7000?

Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me which is the latest stable version of Kong Firmware for R7000?

Freeradius libssl version mismatch


I am attempting to use freeradius for wifi auth.  I have been unsuccessful, and when I attempted to run "radiusd -X" from the CLI to diagnose issues, I get this error:

"root@DD-WRT:~# radiusd -X

libssl version mismatch.  Built with: 1000108f   Linked: 1000109f"

Since I am not able to start the radius daemon in diagnostic mode, I believe that the daemon is not even starting due to this error.  I went to the location of /var/log (as shown in the radius 2.conf file) to attempt to view the log file, and there was none.

tomato firmware for R7000

Hello all I hope you guys can help me out here. I was having some problems with my R7000 and decided to try DD WRT firmware. With DD WRT I was unable to change wireless channel (it would always revert to Auto) and my speed was really low (25Mbit 6 ft away from the router in the same room with my 150Mbit connection).

From DD-WRT to Tomato. Can't access the router

Hi all.

I got a R7000 and i've installed DD-WRT without any problem. 

I wanted to try Tomato and I did the following steps:


Downloaded Tomato firmware (K26, arm)

Changed file extension from .TRX to .BIN

Uploaded file from web interface

Waited for router reboot


Recurring outages--DD-WRT issue?

Two or three times a day, I get a short interruption in Internet service (by short, I mean 10-30 sec, or about the time it takes for the router to reboot). I never saw these hiccups before flashing DD-WRT, although I didn't use the stock firmware very long. 

Haven't seen this addressed anywhere else, so I'm wondering if there's a setting in DD-WRT I haven't noticed that might affect this, or is my ISP being wonky? (Never noticed these with my old Apple router, either.)

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

shibby 122 is available

Shibby's download area seems to contain a new build at


anyone know anything more?

tftp firmware upgrade with .trx?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a .trx file with tftp?


I have installed a serial socket on my R7000 and that works fine. The tomato upgrade seems to require a .chk initial upgrade, but that appears to be an issue with the stock firmware.