R7000 Open Source Firmware

R7000 after adjustment the CPU frequency can't boot up

After adjustment the CPU frequency can't boot up. Can flash with TTL after adjustment the cpu frequency, but after flash still can't boot. I can enter CFE> mode. Can I use a command to restore the cpu frequency and what's the command? Or the other way to repair this R7000 router.

R7000 OpenVPN not connecting

OpenVPN during connect changes from grey to yellow and times out during connection.

One of the line items "no certification authentication method found".

I tried from a teatherd phone connection on two different laptops as well as the neighbors wi-fi connection and same no connect result.

After hours Netgear Chat support was no help either. We tried disableing windows firewalls on both PC's and finally reset the modem, reconfigured and same no connect result. 

We tried the 32 and 64 bit installer as well as versions 2.3.4 and 2.3.2 and no luck.

R7000 TOMATO - 5ghz security issue and weak wireless signal

Hello all.

how to unbrick R7000 via telnet?

Flashed from kong to tomato having forgot about needing to flash to original first. Now i cannot login to with admin:admin


I read shibby's post:

In dd-wrt password is encrypted and this is why old password does not work after install tomato (or back from dd-wrt to Genie).

Install DD-WRT on R7000



I'm a little bit confused about how to install the DD-WRT firmware on my R7000 device. The links to the flashinstruction / readme that I've found are down.


Currently Im running the latest official firmware.

R7000 OpenVPN speeds are *slow*

Brand new R7000 running kong's firmware build 25090.

Looks like Kong had some fun

Read this link for Kong update.  May have been having some fun.  





4G/LTE modem failover and failback

I know the Asus AC66 and AC68 have this feature, but was hoping to find a firmware for the R7000 that has it too.

If my primary cable modem goes down, I would like the router to flip to the LTE modem.  If the cable comes back up, the router would go back to using cable.

Kong Has Ceased Development

Netgear r7000 tomato firmware

hello i am not tech savy at all. I've had netgear night hawc for quite some time with dd wrt on it but the options as well as their forum tend to irritate me so ive installed tomato ..

the issue i'm having has to do with xbox 360 and p2p games like battle field call of duty  etc