R7000 Open Source Firmware

Slow tranfser speed with usb hdd 23270

So I figured I would try out DD-wrt for my new nighthawk after I used the stock firmware for a while and I love it! Except for one thing my USB transfer speed is less than half going from netgear firmware to the Kong 23270.  I used to get around 60MBs transfer with the stock firmware via smb share now its about 20MBs, I'm using a usb 3.0 drive formatted ext3 that is self powered.  Is there any way to maybe mount it differently or change some settings I'm not seeing or is this just the limits of running a heavier linux on the router?

Access controls by device, by day

Hello everyone, this is my first time working with a router that would have "custom" firmware and loading it on the router.  I have a few questions, I picked up the R7000 thinking it would have the customization that I'm looking for but the stock firmware does not.

Slow wifi with DD-WRT Kong version 23250

I decided to try the newer Kong version of DD-WRT. I have a late 2013 Macbook Pro with retina display that supports wireless-AC. After I flashed the ROM my wifi downstream speeds dropped to 172mbps despite having the 5GHz radio set to wireless-AC only. I had the channel number set to Auto. I tried setting the channel width to Auto and even manually forcing it to 80MHz but my downstream speeds never got above 172mbps. I switched back to the latest Netgear stock firmware and my downstream speeds jumped to 702mbps on the 5GHz band.

Nighthawk ReadyShare Printer

Okay, I have been researching for a way to install the printer on the network using this router with no success.  Anyone else figure this out yet.  I have installed the network printer driver, but apparently I need the readyshare program to communicate with the router.  Any ideas here?

Help with the NightHawk...PLEASE!!!

Okay, anybody out there with these same issues? I recently bought a Netgear NightHawk AC1900 WIFI Router. I got it home, installed it, and quickly was presented with a notice at the top of the "Netgear Ginie" page. It said a Router Firmware upgrade is available. I have pushed on this notice several times. It takes me to another page and asked me if I want to upgrade now. Sure I Do! However, there is no button to confirm the decision. It does tell me all the Update Fixes. Yet, gives me no option to download. I also tried going to advanced settings, Administration, Router Update.

How to change region in the NetGear R7000?

Hello! I have a NetGear R7000 AC1900 designed for US market. In this router region locked for the North America. I live in Poland, and i want to change this region to the Europe for availability of multiple channels for Wi-Fi.

R7000 as a Firewall?

i just got R7000, works great, but can this R7000 wifi router protect my LAN

Can't connect at 802.11AC speeds w/ R7000

Maybe someone can help me here...

Recommended TX rate for outdoor antenna

Hi everyone

I have 2 questions  

1.Can anyone tell me what is the recommended TX rate for outdoor antenna on an indoor router


I plan to connect the TPlink-TL-ANT2415D antenna on an ASUS RT-N16 running r22000.

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